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Taping the wisdom of the heart involves exploring your emotions through honesty, trust and intimacy.  We have all been a part of situations where dropping our guard would have changed the scope of the conversation, but instead we chose to withhold our feelings. Maybe we did it out of fear, pain or anger in hopes of ignoring the present moment.  But the truth is that when we close our hearts we remain in a stuck pattern of unexpressed emotions, which drains us of our energy and affects our outlook on life. 

We suffer when we resist feeling emotions, when we feel sorry for ourselves, when we feel victimized or put upon.  It colors every part of our lives including, family, relationship, friendship and career.  When we are suffering we tend to isolate ourselves or choose people and preoccupations that help reinforce our view of our lives.  Suffering is a choice, not an inevitability of our lives, but then so is opening up to love.

Living with an Open Heart

To consciously and consistently build a life filled with honesty, trust, intimacy and ultimately love, we must move through four pathways:

Acceptance: It all starts with accepting and honoring your feelings, albeit without blaming anyone else for how you feel. 

Expression: Then you must learn to honestly allow your emotions to flow through you, expressed fully within the scope of the situation and then work to leave that moment in the past.  This means engaging in conversation in an open, honest and rational fashion.

Freedom: When you allow yourself honest expression you open yourself up to trust.  Ultimately it’s about trusting yourself so that you can trust those you surround yourself with. 

Connection: By dropping your guard and opening your heart your true nature is able to be revealed.  You give yourself the gift of creating intimate relationships founded on honesty, trust and love.

Living with an open heart is about allowing your light to shine.  It’s about letting others know how much you mean to them. It’s about complimenting them, encouraging them, comforting them and praising them on to do their best.  Conversely it is not about allowing frustrations, misgivings or confusion to obfuscate your ability to communicate the truth of your emotions.  Living with an open heart is about not allowing fear, rejection or judgment to guide your behaviors or your words. 

Living with an open heart is about love.


Peace and Love,

Master Trainer Adrianne