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Over the years the fitness landscape has changed.  There used to be a time where the only misinformation I had to refute came from magazines claiming instant results in 30 days.  These days, along with magazines, there are social media "fitness enthusiasts," the news, Dr. Oz and celebrities pretending like all they had to do was eat chicken breasts and go to the gym to gain 30lbs of muscle or do a couple of days of Pilates and barely change their eating habits to be a size zero.

Lucky for me one of my certifying bodies Precision Nutrition created  an infographic on the cost of getting lean so that you can have a clear view of what you are doing to have the body that you have and what it takes to get the body that you want.

In addition you will find Urban Athlete Evolutions 1-3.  Those areas are where you should focus all of your attention.  If you are at the beginning of the spectrum your progress will initially be fairly fast, the more weight you have to lose the faster it comes off when you following the Urban Athlete Clean Eating Plan.  When you get to Evolutions 1-3 your progress will be based on your ability to adopt and maintain the behavioral components.

Here are the two basic principles:

1. If you want to make further changes to your body, you’ll need to make further changes to your behaviors.

2. The leaner you want to get, the more of your behaviors you’ll have to change.

Stay Focused!  Stay Committed!

Your Coach and Friend,

Body Fat Percentage: Men: >20%, Women: >30%


Body Fat Percentage: Men: 15-20%, Women: 25-30

Body Fat Percentage: Men: 13-15%, Women: 23-25%

URBAN ATHLETE // Evolution One


Body Fat Percentage: Men: 10-12%, Women: 20-22%

URBAN ATHLETE // Evolution Two

Body Fat Percentage: Men: 6-9%, Women: 16-19%

URBAN ATHLETE // Evolution Three

Body Fat Percentage: Men: <6%, Women: <16%

UNHEALTHY  & UNREALISTIC // Elite Bodybuilders on Contest Day // Fitness Models on Photoshoot // Fitspiration Photos // Actors // (Anorexia)